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And Just Like That, Foreclosures Resume

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Bank of America Resumes Foreclosures – The Truth About Mortgage

Experts: Lenders’ actions worsening mortgage crisis – IndyStar

Moody’s: Commercial Real Prices fall to 2002 Levels – CalcRisk

Barclays estimates banks face $85 billion in mortgage reps and warranties – HousingWire

Housing Starts increase in September – CalcRisk

The Homeowner Wins, Without a Lawyer – NY Times

Judge Approves SEC, Citigroup Settlement – WSJ

MERS Does Full-Court Press In Washington – FireDogLake

Should We Just Call a ‘Do-Over’ on the Mortgage Market? – The Atlantic

Strategic Default Driven by Future Home Prices, Default Costs – The Truth About Mortgage

Fed’s Dudley: 3 million excess vacant housing units – CalcRisk

Here’s What Citigroup Said Today About Foreclosure-Gate And Mortgage Repurchases – Business Insider


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October 19, 2010 at 5:51 pm

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